If you're looking for a good savvy ranch horse, we probably know where to find it!


We are a ranch family nestled in the heart of Montana.  We moved back to the family ranch 9+ years ago & never looked back.  We wanted our two sons, Mayson & Jade, to grow up learning the ranching responsibilities that are so important.  They are an everlasting foundation to the rest of their lives. 

Starting colts, finishing broke horses & raising colts out of our own broodmares, we do it all.  We have really dove in head first to raising our own.  Meticulously finding our bloodline niche and going for it.  It has been hard work, but perseverance has paid off.  We have a small band of mares that fit our ranching lifestyle in raising solid, big boned and gentle minded babies.  Each mare has her individual strength that we cross on some of the industries best sires.  We have just recently purchased our own stud, so that we could settle down away from the AI'ing game and hauling mares all over.  Wish us luck!

We no longer take in outside riding prospects but still continue to advertise sales prospects for clients.  We are a pretty well rounded family and love our horse & ranching world. 

The Brinkerhoff's

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